It's so much more than just a book

Sure, it's a fun and interesting read. But it's also a step-by-step guide as well as a complete policy framework by an expert to support your team and hold your hand along the way.

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We wrote Social Remediation to help schools own their space online and flourish.

The step-by-step implementation guide in Social Remediation is alone worth many times the purchase price.

Which is why we also give you a range of free resources to guide your implementation and get you up and running.

You will gain the in-depth understanding about how social media enriches your school.


Is your school...

strategically considering how to maximise the benefits of social media?

  • Celebrating...

    the daily achievements of staff and students to build a positive school culture.

  • Building...

    borderless connections with the wider community.

  • Monitoring...

    its online presence across web channels to role model positive digital values.

  • Using...

    social media tools to get better classroom and professional learning outcomes.

  • Aware...

    of its online risk profile and the steps it should take to minimise harm on social media.

  • Or...

    simply not thriving online with a buzzing active school community?

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Peter Sutton International Educator, Author, Keynote Speaker

Walk straight. Talk straight. Sleep soundly. There’s a lot of hype, pseudo---science and plain pork pies in the world of social media — Peter combines his down-to-earth approach and his background as an international educator to cut through it all and deliver; to schools, small businesses and large corporations. As a speaker, author and hands-on consultant, Peter pulls no punches when it comes to getting the most out of an organisation’s investment in social media. Peter’s approach has helped many schools and organisations develop a social media presence that would be the envy of any multinational.

te-hot-list-medal-2016-1Peter's ongoing commitment to education has been recognised in Australia with his naming in The Educator magazine’s 2016 Hot List of 40 individuals, '...who all share a common goal of improving Australian education and have dedicated their careers to doing so'.

Andrew Hughes (1971 - 2016) Author, Journalist, Political Adviser

A book should only have one dedication. In keeping with Andrew's way, Social Remediation has two! Sadly, we lost Andrew and his rare talents on the day of publishing our first copies.

To Andrew Hughes (Walters), you have lived what you said. Our loss is incomprehensible, yet our learning is infinite. For all that you have given us, thank you our friend.

We will continue to 'buy the ticket and take the ride' of life.

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