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The purchase of Social Remediation may be the perfect antidote to kick start your social media strategy.

We also understand that education institutions are unique in purpose, size and need. To meet the individual qualities of each school, university or professional association we also deliver a range of additional services.

We work with educational leaders, school board members, community managers, teachers, parents and students.


Our Services Meeting Your Needs

From the one-off advisory session to large-scale, long-term projects we offer a range of social media services unique to the needs of your school.

  • Audits

    Why – Our audit process targets minimising your risk and while maximising your community engagement.

    What – Your social media report assesses the objectives, governance (policies and procedures), resources, workflow, crisis management strategies, professional learning, monitoring and measurement of your school.

    Who – This service is suitable for large educational organisations.

  • Projects

    Why – Our projects bring your community online to celebrate your school achievements.

    What – Your social media project is customised to meet your school’s size and needs. It can include auditing, policy development, branding, risk management, content creation, professional learning and more.

    Who – This service can be customised to all educational organisations.

  • Advice

    Why – The social media landscape is dynamic and constantly changing making it difficult to maintain knowledge and expertise.

    What – We provide ongoing advice on all elements of social media in schools. Our clients access our advice online, face-to-face as one-off support or a retainer.

    Who – This service can be customised to all educational organisations.

  • Speaking

    Why – Social media polarises people.

    What – Establishing a ‘framework’ for your social media project or looking to inform your broader community. Peter will bring his international experience to deliver his uniques take on social media in schools with his entertaining and direct manner.

    Who – This service is suitable for educational associations and schools.

  • Professional Learning

    Why – Knowledge and people build high performing social media in schools.

    What – Your professional learning is designed and delivered face-to-face to meet your school’s specific learning needs.

    Who – This service can be customised to all schools and educational associations.

  • Crisis Management

    Why – There are rare times when an incident will affect the reputation of your school. These quickly ‘bleed’ onto social media, gain coverage over traditional media and require specific expertise to resolve.

    What – We provide expert advice in conjunction with school leaders.

    Who – This service is suitable for school leaders, boards and communications specialists.

Our Clients Their Projects

Peter has an uncanny ability to connect with his audience. He is incisive, entertaining and thought provoking when it comes to social media in schools.

Damian Toohey
Albury High School - Deputy Principal

We wanted to embrace social media and have an open door approach to it, so we brought in Peter as a social media expert, to help us. It was important that we had a framework so that when an instance happens, we have something to refer to that will help guide us.

Ann McDonald
Kellett School Hong Kong - Principal

Peter managed to identify the impact of social media on our school, mitigate our risk, develop policies and train staff to develop a highly engaged online community. For us it has been an insightful process into what we did not know and how we could start to make the most of social media at CIS.

Jerry Szombathy - Director of Operations
Chinese International School

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