Sneak Peak - 'presence without presence'

Many schools have built an online presence without a long-term vision of what they want to achieve or without taking the strategic steps necessary to get the full support of their community.

To maximise the positives of social media your school needs to understand the existing 'communication chaos' and how to 'curate that chaos' in the best interests of your community.


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Is your school "officially" online then there is a strong likelihood that it is not getting the most out of its efforts. If not, it is running a real risk of reputational damage.

  • 1. 'Lock and Block'

    Read to understand the impact of social media.

    • The negative impact of social media
    • ‘Lock and Block’, it won’t last
    • Risk
    • The positive potential of social media
  • 2. 'Horace Mann Down'

    Read to understand the importance of owning your online space.

    • The online reputation crisis
    • ‘Official’ vs ‘Unofficial’ social media
    • The new communications paradigm
    • Participate or others will for you
  • 3. 'Fights to Likes'

    Read to understand social media can be a myth breaker and a story maker.

    • The online ‘Fight Club’
    • Social media leadership online
    • An authentic approach to adopting social media
    • ‘Push vs Pull’ communication
  • 4. 'Reputation Matters'

    Read to understand the professional and personal responsibilities of employers, employees, policy and procedures.

    • Policy planning and school reputation
    • School leaders as social media leaders
    • Online reviews
    • Social media monitoring and participation
  • 5. 'Luddites Unite'

    Read to understand dialogue, strategy, courage and a common set of values are critical.

    • A ‘Get Better’ mindset
    • Conditions for successful change
    • The cost of poor planning
    • The ‘Copycat Carousel’
    • Double Loop Learning
  • 6. 'Planning Beats Banning'

    Read to develop a succesful social media plan.

    • Planning for a social media crisis
    • Selecting the right social media channels
    • The policy baker’s dozen
    • Up-skilling your team
  • 7. 'Success as a Team Sport'

    Read to build a successful social media team.

    • The trap of traditional sales and marketing
    • A whole-school approach
    • Authenticity and school values
    • Leadership types
    • Working with a full team
  • 8. 'The Highs and Lows'

    Read to build and nurture your audience.

    • Audience particpation – relevance, interest and habit
    • Supplementary presences
    • Rise of the Phoenix
  • 9. 'The Evolution of the Journey on Social Media'

    Read to use social media as a collective point of celebration.

    • Redefining traditional relationships
    • Getting social media ‘spine fit’
    • The high performance social media ‘spine’
  • 10. ''T-minus Nine and Counting'

    Read to put sound advice into sound social media practise

    • Influencing public perception
    • Quantifying social media risk – ‘Novosyolov’
    • Social Media Risk Ananlysis
    • Eight key stages to implementation

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